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Market View 28/05/2009

Last Two day's volatality due to expiry suggesting that the market corrected enough and this is the range where it's want to stay for some more time. In this time we can see all the heavy weight can give us some range s for trader. It's the opportunity for the traders to trade with some ggod range and get greater rewards.
Have a Nice Trading!!!!

Market View 27/05/2009

After the decent correction we can see some revival in today's trade. As all global clues are positive. US consumer nuber are encouraging. Asian markets trade with healthy gains and local news flow are without bad flow. Amid expiry the high volatality is the concern. All public sector bank deciding to cut intrest rate which is the boost for indian stocks for whole day. So buy is the only mantra for today's trade but with stoploss as expiry(mind it)!!

Markt View 26/05/2009

Yesterday Punjab is burnning and Bengal is storming the two new challenges for us. One is god's clamity and other is from human. One we can handle and one we can't. Think on it!
We are facing hurdle at 4280-4300 level daily suggesting that we are in tight range. See for close above this level for more upside. Inearly trade we ma face some profit booking as not clear clues from any side. Waiting for cabinet expantion today, after that market get some fresh clues and may decide their direction. On expiry note strict stoploss for intraday player is advised.

Market View 25/05/2009

Who is the better for fiannce minister than pranav mukerji. Pranav dada is the expectation of marke which reflects on friday at the decent gain after intial profit booking. Early monsoon may give more push this rally in today's intial trade. The next big event is the monsoon. Good monsoon is the key for rural economy and still we have more than 60% of our population in rural area. the biggest consumer population in india still awaiting for good product and if they have to participate strongly than the monsoon is the factor for their income.
Today we can get some early gain. We are at the range of 4250-4550 in nifty but all the analyst predicting that the now bull in strong command after the good news from local front. So advised to hold some position if you are active. and If you are not so active in the market then go for silected midcp and defencive sector like pharma.
Have a Nice trading!!!

NSE&BSE Market View 22/05/2009

After profit booking today I expect some gain in our large cao section. As all Heavy weights are down in last three session, now they have to move on. As the rumour on bault that the new government may plan for OMC to decide to change the structure of petrol and deisel prises. All OMCs rallied on that note. US intial jobless claims fal in last week. But this news doesn't help US indices to plunged after positive opening.
Stronger rupee may give some pressure on earnings of IT companies. As all rating agencies downgrade the IT giant INFY and TCS, today they are to watch if they can give us the support or they are the laggards.
Buy on decline is the mantra for intraday.

NSE&BSE Market View 21/05/2009

We have lots of confusion around it. Today, I expect further consolidation. Global cues are negative today and Crude oil touched $62 per barrel. The secnario not change for global markets. Global industrialised economies are yet to turn the corner.
Making a fresh entry at this juncture should be done in smaller quantities. Gradual buying is recomended on every meaningful dips to reap a bumper harvest over the medim term.
Some of our economic news:
  1. Divestment plan is the frist thought to power ministry.
  2. LIC to invest Rs500bn into euity markets
  3. SEZ exportd profits likely to get full income tax exemption from august onwards.
  4. India's steel demand may grow by up to 10% in current financial year.

NSE&BSE Market View 20/05/2009

Now all the fresh news flow is the key to direction of our indices. 100 day's plan for econmy from new government and after that we have budget both this issue is now what help us to sustain here if we get it in expectation.
Today I expect flat to negative openning in our market. We may face pressure in early session of trade but I advised to buy on lower level like 14100 and 14000. In Nifty 4250 and 4200 is the key level from their I expect some bounce. For 2 months view I expect to range bound movement in 13500-15800.

Market View 19/05/2009

"Our favorite holding period is forever" -Warren Buffet.

Like the Mr. bufft holding period is like the diamond. Just hold for forever. As we witnessed the history yesterday. All traders and investor cheering the uper circuit for frist time!! The new UPA Government and good face at economic front boost the confidence in stock market players. Now every person expecting good decision will be taken withot any pressure of other political parties and without pressure of vote bank.
Just ride on bull in todays trade. Only buy buy and buy recomendation in today's trade. I personaly advised to go in banking and fianancial sector today.
Nice trading Day!!!!!!!!!


As my Grand Mother's sudden death causes me to take breack from my daily routine and do some religious work behind them. So I apologize all my ENTERECARD DROPPER, READER and Dear Traders for the intruption in dropping and blogging.

Market View 04.05.2009

Action expresses priorities. - Mahatma Gandhi
Bull action can express the priorities of the investor. Here they predict the bull run for long term in the indian market. And I agree with them.
In toaday's trade we expect good gap-up openning and the gain may remain sustain for the day. As I said earliar the move above 3514 can lead us to 3795-3805 level in near term and that day arrived. Today I expect hte market can sustain and give us the close above 3515 level. So enjoy in long side but keep in mind that SL revisation and profit booking may happen at every higher level. So we can also be the same. Key level for today's trade is 3650-3580. Watch out this levels.

Weekly Review

Small trrading week provide the good volatality across the board. the NSe Nifty fell by 0.2% and BSE Sensex was up 0.7% during the week. Uncertainity surrounding Lok Sabha elections and anxiety over the bank;s stress test results in the US kept the bulls on tenterhooks. Concerns over the swine flu outbreak and its impact on the tentative global recovery also weighed on the sentimate.ICICI Bank is the leader during the week and TATA Steel is the top looser on BSE SENSEX.


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